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Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki allows the practitioner to give a treatment across space using the Reiki symbols and transmission of Reiki healing energy.

A treatment is around 40 minutes. In a distance Reiki session the practitioner sends Reiki while you lie or sit comfortably in your own home. Distance Reiki has the same benefits as a hands-on Reiki treatment including:



  • Reduce anxiety and depression

  • Reduce pain

  • Promote physical healing

  • Deepen self- knowledge and spiritual awareness

  • Enhance harmony, balance and creativity


Healing Reiki energy is applied through a laying on of hands in specific positions on the body. The Reiki energy is transmitted through an attuned Reiki practicioner, and also awakens your own life force energy. Reiki has a number of benefits including:



  • Reduce stress and fatigue

  • Reduce pain

  • Alleviate depression

  • Promote physical healing

  • Deepen self- knowledge and spiritual awareness

  • Promote harmony in all areas of life

  • Enhance creativity


Reiki Treatment

The Reiki treatment takes an hour, but we can also take time before and after the treatment to talk about your specific needs.


Learning Reiki

In a workshop you will become a Reiki healer through an attunement by a Reiki Master, empowering you to give Reiki to yourself and others.

An attunement is the process whereby a person is initiated as a Reiki channel by a Reiki Master. Someone who is attuned can give self-Reiki and Reiki treatments to others. You may be interested to learn Reiki if you or someone you care for suffers chronic pain or illness, or if you are seeking greater self-knowledge, spiritual awareness, creativity, and balance and harmony in your life. 


In the LEVEL ONE REIKI WORKSHOP you will learn about Reiki healing and the Reiki hand positions, be attuned to give Reiki to yourself and others, and we will practice giving Reiki healings with other students. You will leave the workshop empowered to give Reiki to yourself and to others.


In the LEVEL TWO REIKI WORKSHOP you will be initiated to use to Reiki symbols. You will learn the symbols and how to use them. You will also learn how to give distance healings using the Reiki symbols. We will continue to deepen our understanding of Reiki and we will practical giving Reiki healings.


I just love being able to share Reiki with others, it is a real privilege to do so. Please contact me for more information on upcoming Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 seminars.  

“I can't say enough about my reiki sessions with Aimee. Especially in these times, they have truly helped me stay level and calm."


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